The main question in betting:
Is it possible to make a consistent profit from betting? 

Our answer: Yes!

   Practice shows that the majority of players lose,the reason is the odds offered by the bookmaker.
   To understand how odds lead players to lose consider following:

   A simple example is the tossing of a coin. There are two outcomes ("head" and "tail") 
and the probability of "head" equals the probability of "tail." 
Since no other outcome is possible, the probability is 1/2 (or 50%).
Real odds for this event is 2,but in best case,on such event, bookmaker offers 1.9,that means,
if someone plays consistently he will lose,because of the probability of event is more than the offered odds.
In other case if someone offered odds more than 2 and he plays consistently he win.

So to make consistent profit we need events at better odds than the chances of winning.

But on which events and why bookmaker will offer such odds?

   To calculate probability of outcome on sport events,in our case football, not as easy as on tossing of a coin.
Often calculation of probabilitys depends on subjective view of bookmaker,besides there are competition with other bookmakers.
Daily we analize hundred of football events, recalculate all probabilitys with our method and choose only that events, which meat 
mentioned above requirements.
We provide for you daily such events with recomended stakes,we have four sections HOME WIN EVENTS,DRAW EVENTS,AWAY WIN EVENTS and EXTRA 
events which means high risk but also high odds events.
may be one day we lose one day win, but during long term 
your bank will consistently increase.

So let's try, GOOD LUCK!

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